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Web Accessibility Assurance and Ongoing Technical Analysis for ADA, WCAG 2.1 and Section 508 Standards

Web Accessibility is essential for organizations and developers who want to provide quality websites and tools in a way that allows all people to access their services and products, including individuals with disabilities. Not only is website accessibility essential, it is a requirement for colleges, universities and public schools, as well as government institutions. Many other industry verticals are making this a priority as well.

When organizations have barriers preventing individuals with disabilities from accessing their online content, they are in violation of Federal Law. Ongoing web accessibility services provided by qualified professionals can help prevent organizations from running into legal issues.

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Web Accessibility Compliance is a Long-Term Commitment

Achieving compliance with internationally recognized web accessibility standards, otherwise known as Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1), is a rigorous and multi-dimensional process. WCAG 2.1 provides a standard for web content accessibility for individuals, governments and organizations, on an international basis. Reaching these guidelines generally includes phases of work performed by trained professionals, who put endless hours and energy into transforming a website to function at its highest ability, thus allowing individuals with disabilities equal access to the content it provides.

Individuals with disabilities are some of the people that benefit the most from Internet access. Using the Internet is a necessary function of life in many ways, in large part as a result of its ability to provide services and flexibility to its users. Some disabled individuals use the Internet to complete their education and meet friends, while others use it to purchase goods and maintain independence.

Imagine if you were unable to leave your home and the only way to have access to the world was the Internet. Wouldn’t you want to have full access to all that it provides? Not only is achieving web accessibility important in order to provide equal access to individuals with disabilities, ensuring ongoing compliance is equally crucial through extensive technical analysis for ADA, WCAG 2.1 and Section 508 standards.

Web Accessibility is not a One and Done Initiative

Ongoing Accessibility Consulting

Ongoing services are required in order to ensure future continued accessibility compliance within a website. By continuing to be proactive with ongoing services, your organization’s risk level continues to be minimized. When your organization’s risk increases it opens you up to the possibility of various issues such as a letter of complaint or even a lawsuit.

When choosing a web accessibility consulting firm, verifying what ongoing services they provide is a crucial step to picking the right partner to assist you throughout this process because no organization wants to be faced with risks such as urgent and costly litigation.

Partner with our expert team at ADA FOR WEBSITES Web Solutions for a professional technical analysis for ADA, WCAG 2.1 and Section 508 standards. Leave a message in order to hear back from our web accessibility experts within 24 working hours.

Ongoing Accessibility Consulting

ADA Compliant Website Development

Web Accessibility Assurance Plans

Is your website under constant development with new functionality and content? Get peace of mind with our Accessibility Assurance Plan.
ADA FOR WEBSITES Web Solutions’ website accessibility (WCAG) assurance plan provides various options for a continued partnership following the completion of an initial remediation engagement. ADA FOR WEBSITES Web Solutions offers consulting hours and/or periodic website reviews to verify that previous remediation services are performing adequately and to assess if new issues may have developed for which repairs are needed. Perhaps your website is constantly being updated with added content and new functionality. Maybe your organization has a fairly static website and you simply want to ensure continuous compliance in the evolving world of technology and standards.
Regardless of your specific needs, an ongoing technical analysis for ADA, WCAG 2.1 and Section 508 compliance is crucial in order to verify continued compliance, especially in today’s rapidly changing society where we strive for equality.
As life continues to advance, so does technology. In 1965, Gordon Moore, Intel co-founder spotted a growing telecommunication trend, otherwise known as Moore’s Law. According to Moore’s Law, computer processing speeds double every 18 months, creating a trend that allows telecommunication to grow at an exponential rate. Software is continuously optimized and new software is developed on a frequent basis. With the current rate of growth, it is likely that we will find new issues within a website, years or even months from now, thus creating the need for ongoing services in order to continually mitigate your organization’s risk and refine overall compliance.

Scheduled Periodic Reviews and Updated Letters of Conformance

Set up regular reviews of your website to test for web accessibility compliance and updated conformance statements.

The creators of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), recommend that organizations should conduct ongoing monitoring to provide accountability and enforcement of web accessibility standards. Websites may also invite and respond to feedback provided by users regarding the organization’s website and accessibility issues they may find. Attention should also be given to implementation plans for web accessibility effectiveness, which should be periodically reviewed. Regular reinforcement of an organization’s policy on web accessibility is a proactive measure that should be taken in order to alleviate risk and provide a better overall experience to all users including those with disabilities.

Luckily, at ADA FOR WEBSITES Web Solutions we offer a variety of options with regard to the frequency of ongoing accessibility performance services. Clients who believe their website is secure and don’t experience frequent changes may choose ongoing reviews to be performed on an annual basis. Other clients who may be more concerned and wish to alleviate risk of future issues can choose ongoing reviews to be performed more frequently, such as biannually or even quarterly. For those that wish to take frequent proactive measures, ongoing reviews can be provided on a monthly basis.

Regardless of the regularity, ongoing reviews performed by ADA FOR WEBSITES Web Solutions will include both automated testing and manual testing. Automated testing, is performed with the use of automated software and scripts. Manual testing consists of a human review and click-throughs of pages, media and documents. It’s a hands-on approach. Our examinations can include user-testing performed by users from a varied background and technical proficiency including users with disabilities. Following each review, an updated Letter of Conformance will be provided to the organization. A Letter of Conformance provides a description of the processes that were completed to maintain web accessibility compliance standards. It can also be used to defend an accessibility legal claim in the case when one occurs. With an updated Letter of Conformance, you both minimize your organization’s risk and also demonstrate to the public that you took, and continue to take, proactive measures seriously to ensure equal access to all individuals.

Bulk Accessibility Consulting Hours

Flexible plans to have web accessibility experts available to you on an as-needed basis.

At ADA FOR WEBSITES Web Solutions, we provide the option of partnering with our trained web accessibility professionals for durations consisting of bulk hours. When you need the availability of a web accessibility consultant for a defined period of time, having a partner who provides the option of bulk hours can be beneficial. ADA FOR WEBSITES Web Solutions offers bulk hour ongoing services when an organization creates new website content, develops a new website, or is planning to add new functionality within their site. Having a web accessibility consultant for a defined period time provides a worry-free process, thanks to having continued support and guidance along the way regarding your technical analysis for ADA, WCAG 2.1 and Section 508 compliant websites.

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What Ongoing Consulting Service Options are Provided by ADA FOR WEBSITES?

We aim to offer you flexibility and are happy to design the best plan for your consulting needs.
Assessing and developing ways to address web accessibility can take time and, at ADA FOR WEBSITES Web Solutions, we offer the flexibility of ongoing monthly retainers. This allows the partnership with web accessibility consultants as-needed on a monthly basis. This flexibility provides the comfort of partnering with a company when needed, without having to worry about an overabundance of resources or unexpected expenses. When concerns may come to light, ADA FOR WEBSITES Web Solutions is available to help for varying durations of time.

When you partner with ADA FOR WEBSITES Web Solutions, our team of experts can help you as you sift through all your documents, before you add them to your newly improved, accessible website.At ADA FOR WEBSITES Web Solutions, we provide a tremendous amount of value by ensuring our clients and their websites are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 and Section 508 standards of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. We strive to meet our client’s satisfaction and provide the availability of a flexible process, thus allowing clients to have access to our team of trained and educated professionals. Our goal is to provide services in a way that makes the most sense for your organization’s business needs.

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