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Bringing the Benefits of the Cloud to Law Firms

Cloud computing has helped many businesses improve their efficiency. The private sector in particular has seen the most benefits. Law firms can also benefit hugely from modern cloud computing.

It can help your firm be more collaborative and also enables smoother remote work. But an important topic that is often foregone is accessible websites for law firms. So, this guide will be all about how cloud computing and web accessibility can help your law business.

“We brought Onica on-board very early to consult on our project and were impressed with their level of expertise. After delivering a successful migration and implementation solution which helped us transition to AWS, Onica continues to work closely with our team to provide round the clock expert support.”
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Vancouver Airport Authority


Orange County Registrar of Voters: Architecting a Secure and Scalable Environment on AWS

The Orange County Registrar of Voters (OCROV), California serves 1.6 million registered voters. During election cycles, the OCROV website gets heavy traffic. They were experiencing multiple issues with their website provider, with different problems each time along with insufficient support from their vendor. Onica worked alongside the team at OCROV to help migrate their website to AWS, build a development environment, and provide training on AWS development and infrastructure-related best practices.

Cloud Computing Challenges for Nonprofits and the Public Sector

One of the main reasons we have not seen wide scale adoption of cloud computing technologies is budgetary concerns. Nonprofits and public sector firms need to deal with monetary limitations.

In some cases, this is true for law firms as well. This might limit their options when it comes to using all the benefits of cloud computing. But with the right partner like ADA for Web, you get expert consultancy about cloud computing and website accessibility.

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Law Firms

If you own a law firm, then you will do wonders for your business incorporating cloud computing. There are some undeniable benefits cloud computing brings.

An accessible website will also help you reach more users. The internet is used by everyone nowadays. So, it makes all the sense in the world to team with the right partner. Here are some hard-to-deny cloud computing benefits.

1. Increased Collaboration

We have all heard the phrase teamwork makes the dream work. And that is still true today. With cloud computing, your teams can collaborate easier. This will lead to more efficient services and problem-solving.

And if you run a law firm, you will know how important teamwork and collaboration can be when working on an important case.

Communication and data sharing becomes much easier. For example, one team can easily store important client and case files on the cloud. And if another team needs to access them, they can easily do so online.

This leads to even more collaboration. And enables high-quality and efficient remote work as well. Cloud computing tools also allow for much easier collaborative teamwork to tackle larger challenges much more easily and efficiently.

2. Better Security

Some might think that security depends on how advanced technologies you use. While that is true to some extent, user error is one of the biggest reasons for security exploits. A law firm handles a lot of sensitive information. It just comes with the nature of the work.

Naturally, you want to keep these documents and data safe and secure. Keeping them all offline or on a hard drive is not the best idea. It might get stolen or it could break also. Or an executive could leak or lose passwords. This can result in data loss. Or even worse, it might end up in the wrong hands.

All these are not concerns with cloud computing. Modern cloud computing systems allow you to store a large number of data and documents securely. Data is stored online with secure security protocols.

And you can also choose who has access to the data as well. However, proper security measures and best practices are still necessary though. In general, with cloud computing, sharing and storing data becomes much easier.

3. Lower IT Costs

Another benefit for law firms that move to cloud computing is reduced IT costs. Cloud computing, if done the right way, can reduce your overall IT maintenance costs. You do not need to purchase expensive IT equipment.

For example, reduced server costs, hard drive costs, and more. Overall energy costs can also be reduced thanks to the reduced equipment usage in-house. No matter how you look at it, there are tons of benefits of cloud computing for law firms.

Web Accessibility for Law Firms

Web accessibility services are another area law firms can benefit from. As we mentioned before, more and more people are online nowadays. And if you want to target the biggest consumer segment, your website needs to be accessible.

Web accessibility for law firms does not have to be a challenge. Our experts at ADA for Web help firms with accessibility. The accessible web is not an optional thing anymore. It is a necessity. Since the internet has become so ubiquitous in our daily lives, businesses and law firms need to take that into account.

Your website needs to be accessible with features like keyboard navigation, clear and easy navigation, visible buttons, and more. You need to ensure that there are not too many distractions and limited flashiness. All these can make your website much more friendly to operate for users with certain disabilities.

On top of that, your law firm’s website should also have appropriate captions for all photos and media on the site. This will make it much easier to navigate for everyone. Form submission is another big functionality of any website.

It may even be more important for a service company like a law firm. Having clear tags and buttons on forms is also a must-have. It is a vast and important topic. One which we can help you with.

Cloud computing together with an accessibility focused design will help take your site to the next level.

Why Choose Us

At ADA for Web, we ensure that your website is ADA-compliant. We are experts that can help you with cloud computing and accessibility consultancy no matter the size of your company. So, if you are looking for accessible websites for law firms, we are your go-to.

Our experts can build the right infrastructure that will help you achieve your business goals. Our consultation services work closely with clients. We are able to give you tailored and specific services.

Not everyone has the same kind of needs. And we understand that. That is why our approach is client focused. This allows us to bring value to our clients. So, if you have a law firm, for accessibility consultancy, contact us right away. We are ready whenever you are.

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