Website Accessibility Audit

Website Accessibility Audit

Today the web and the internet are used by everybody. It offers an ocean of information on anything you would want. And customers also use the web to do their research. Since so many people are using the internet, you must create an accessible website.

For which, a website accessibility audit will be super helpful. This will give you a clear understanding of whether or not your site is accessible and friendly to use for people with disability or special needs. Which honestly, is the right thing to do.

The Value of an Accessible Website

If you own a website, the first question might be what is the benefit or value of creating an accessible website? Well, there are tons. An accessible website makes it easier for people with any kind of disability to navigate around your website.

Accessible internet, in general, helps those who may rely on the internet day to day. And ensuring it is easy to navigate is the right thing to do. Plus, you will help your website be more inclusive as well.

There can be people with different kinds of disabilities like hearing, visual mobile, or cognitive. Your website needs to take all these into account. And offer a seamless and accessible user experience for these kinds of users.

71% of visitors that have a disability will leave a website within just 10 seconds if it is not accessible. This is a statistic that is quite hard to ignore. If you own a business website, then you might be losing tons of customers this way.

So, if your website is accessible, now only will you be able to attract more customers, but you might just also increase your sales and revenue. Besides, an accessible website creates a great experience for someone with disabilities.

And it is hard to deny that they will feel positive towards your brand. This may lead to brand loyalty and brand awareness.

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What a Website Accessibility Audit Can Do for You

A website accessibility audit can help you in mainly two ways. Of course, the main way it can benefit you is by telling whether or not your website is accessible or not. Other than this, there are two key ways it can help you.

Firstly, it can tell you whether or not your whole website needs to be rebuilt for accessibility or just certain parts. This takes away the uncertainty of it all. You will have a clear and factual knowledge of what areas of your website are inaccessible.

That can save you time and also money. Depending on which web design partner you work with, not all parts of a website might need to be improved. Chances are maybe only certain areas are problematic.

Without a proper audit, you might not know this. And could just have the whole website redesigned from the ground up. Without there being any need to do so. So, an audit will help you get the real picture.

Another way it helps you is by giving a page-by-page analysis. This is very valuable information when it is time to redesign your website. You will know exactly which areas are problematic and how you can solve them.

During your planning phase, it will make things much easier. Since you can make data-driven and informed decisions thanks to the audit.

Thankfully, WCAG 2.1 has created very clear and informative guidelines for web accessibility. With the right partner like ADA for Web, you can get started with an audit easily.

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Two Ways of Doing Effective Accessibility Audits

When it comes to website accessibility audits, there are mainly two ways of doing it. You can use software or do it the manual way.

Both are useful and have their pros and cons. However, you do not have to just stick to one method. In some cases, websites can use both automated software and manual audits as well.

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Automated Software Audits

For automated software audits, you are mostly using scripts and software to essentially scan your website. Advanced software will look for any accessibility concerns. The automated audits approach is the first step of running an effective audit.

It can tell you whether there are any major components or issues that are not compliant with WCAG 2.1. Automated software audits are beneficial for quick audits. It can give technicians a guideline on where to check for deeper issues.

However, it is not enough. This is where a human touch is needed. They will be able to give you a more thorough and deeper audit.

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Manual Audit

Manual audits are exactly what they sound like. You can go only so far with automated software. Since there are so many kinds of disabilities, a manual audit will give you a deeper analysis of any problems that might exist on your website.

The technician will go through page by page and use their experience, and intuition to sort out the problems. That is of course, very beneficial to know whether your website is accessible for all kinds of different people with disabilities.

And software simply cannot provide the granularity and in-depth analysis a human technician can. Plus, with software, there might be false positives. Fortunately, manual audits help you avoid any such issues.

With all that being said, successful website accessibility is audited both with software and manually.

How Can ADA for Web Help

Our experts are well versed in accessibility guidelines provided by WCAG 2.1. We provide thorough website accessibility audits with both software and technicians. That is not all though. At ADA for Web, we go the extra mile to ensure actual people with disabilities have used your website during the audit.

This gives us a more accurate in-depth understanding of the accessibility issues on your website. We are experts with lead technicians and cutting-edge software to provide the best audits possible. Our approach is a client-first approach.

And we will sit down with you to provide a solution that works for you. You can get in touch with us right away at 949-328-1812 or email us at

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