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Based On The Numbers, Is Web Accessibility Compliance Really Urgent?

This is a common question. The answer is resoundingly “YES!” There are many reasons. With an aging population, the maturing of technology and the adoption of standards for people with disabilities, the matter is in the forefront.

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Growing Numbers in Disability – Growing Liability

Be Proactive: Learn about the implications that Web Accessibility has on your business. Take steps to identify and eliminate barriers.
Contact The Experts: Ensure that you are locating all of the issues that may be on your website by working with a qualified consulting firm.
Create A Plan: Create a strategic plan to address the issues that are found and set timelines to remediate.

Resolve The Issues: Implement the plan and eliminate the issues that are present on your website.

Mitigate Risk: By addressing barriers on your website and remaining compliant with the Standards (WCAG and Section 508) you are reducing the risk of legal action.

The statistics are in and they reflect growing populations that experience disabilities. Because of this, and because people are relying sometimes exclusively on technology to handle critical daily functions such as shopping and banking, it is critical for your business to consider the impact of web accessibility compliance. This presents a serious risk for organizations that fail to provide accommodations.
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