ADA FOR WEB Will Guide You in Responding To Your Letter of Complain

Although you’ve received a Letter of Complaint, there are still measures that can be taken. By acting quickly and decisively, the impact of this process can generally be reduced

This is an urgent matter for your business and we will help you understand the best course of action for your circumstances.

Responding To A Letter

The Key is a Quick Response: With a Letter, you’ve been given a deadline to respond. ADA FOR WEB will help you prepare your response strategically.
The Road Ahead: As the process unfolds, you will be in need of a Web Accessibility Audit to identify issues and Remediation Consulting to address barriers on your website to comply with applicable Web Accessibility Standards (WCAG, Section 508).
The Outcome: Once a legal process begins, often with a Letter of Complaint, the outcomes will depend on your chosen course of action. You will want to find an accessibility firm that can understand your circumstances and is able to lead you through responding and facilitating compliance on your website.
ADA FOR WEB is here to work with you and help you respond appropriately with considerations to your organization’s needs.
ADA FOR WEB understands that receiving a Letter of Complaint can be a surprise and it often produces a great deal of anxiety. This is natural, especially if you were not aware of what Web Accessibility is or what it means for your business.