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Do You Have Questions About Web Accessibility Legal Trends?

While the law is somewhat vague as it relates to web accessibility, it is still critical to be prepared. The legal trends are clear: the courts consistently rule in favor of the plaintiffs and enforce compliance for businesses.
ADA FOR WEB is here to help you understand what steps you can take to address potential liability for web accessibility.

Prepare For Compliance

Because so many people rely on the Internet for daily activities and business, barriers online must also be removed.
Learn How To Become Compliant: ADA FOR WEB will help you navigate digital accessibility compliance for your website.
Take Action: Identify the issues that may be present on your website and address the barriers potentially blocking people with disabilities. Become and remain accessible.
Document Your Efforts: ADA FOR WEB will help you establish and document your progress towards web accessibility compliance and help you to be prepared for potential legal action and exposure to liability.
You probably know a business that has faced legal action related to web accessibility compliance. Regardless of the size of the business or institution, it is their responsibility to provide digital accommodations for people with disabilities.
This is similar to physical accessibility (wheelchair ramps, railings in restrooms, etc.) that ensured businesses were not blocking those with disabilities from entering and using their commercial space.
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