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Ensure that Your Website is Compliant with WCAG 2.1 AA and Section 508

ADA FOR WEB will work with you to ensure that your website meets compliance standards and is barrier-free.
NEW Website Development: Create a new website that complies with WCAG and Section 508 standards.
Eliminate Barriers: Your current website may be preventing access for users with disabilities. It’s time to find out.

Web Accessibility Matters

NEW Website Development: Work with ADA FOR WEB on your next web design project to be sure that your website considers all users and does not block individuals with disabilities.
Existing Websites: Does your business website present barriers for people using Assistive Technologies (AT) such as screen readers? If you’re not sure, it’s time to find out and resolve the issues preventing users from successfully using your website.
Be Proactive: By addressing web accessibility before you have received a Letter of Complaint or become involved in a lawsuit, you are limiting the impact of legal proceedings.
Not only is web accessibility compliance the right thing to do, it is the law.
At ADA FOR WEB, we are experts in WCAG, Section 508, ADA law and ensuring that your website is inclusive.
ADA FOR WEB is here to serve your business and create an accessible Internet that benefits all users.