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ada website checklist
ada website compliance checklist

The Digital Trends Websites are Following

Making your website Responsive Dec 2015

Making sure that the website looks good on all devices no matter the screen size.


SSL Certificate Security for your visitors July 2018

Making your website secure for your customers.

ADA Website Compliance Jan 2019

Website that includes everyone and is Web Accessible.


CCPA & GDPR (Right to be Forgotten) Jan 2020

The California Consumer Privacy Act is a bill intended to enhance privacy rights and consumer protection

What is ADA Website Compliance?

Offer Text Font/Size Alternatives

If your website includes graphics and videos that display pertinent information, you’ll need to include text alternatives for those that may not be able to effectively view the multimedia.

Offer a High Contrast Option

Individuals with visual impairments can often read a web page better if the contrast is high. You can design your website with this in mind, or offer an option for pages that can be viewed in higher contrast.

Include Keyboard Support

Not everyone will be able to use a mouse to navigate to different areas of the site and click on tabs. Keyboard support enables visitors to the site to move around the web page using keys on the keyboard.

Make Sure the HTML is Clean

Proper HTML utilizes meta descriptions, title tags, bulleted lists, and other components that ensure visually impaired individuals can easily locate items on the web pages, and that screen readers can efficiently locate and read content.

Offer a Simplified Version of Website

Understandably, you are proud of how your website looks, but offering a simplified version can make it easier for individuals with a variety of disabilities to easily find content and navigate the site. Simply separating the content into different sections in a basic layout can make things much easier for many.

Avoid Flashing Graphics

Flashing graphics or videos with flashing lights or images that move very rapidly can cause seizures in individuals with some disabilities or those that may be susceptible to the effects.