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ADA FOR WEBSITES Offers Complete Web Accessibility Consulting Services

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As you look to design and build your new website, or redesign and upgrade your existing site, it’s important to think about accessibility and how all your potential users and clients can best use your site.
Industry standards dictate that for web content to be truly accessible, it should be perceivable by everyone, operable by everyone, understandable for all and robust.

ADA FOR WEBSITES specializes in providing complete Web Accessibility (WCAG) 2.1 consulting services. Our team offers comprehensive web accessibility consulting, remediation services and sound leadership throughout the design and redesign of your site.

Web Accessibility Consulting and Web Design

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Accessible Web Design and Development Services

Sometimes starting from scratch is the best way to develop accessible environments and ensure ongoing sustainability.

Supports for the Creation of a Culture of Inclusion

Services to support your ongoing web accessibility initiatives and evolving your culture to support inclusion.

Learn more about Compliance with WCAG.

Be Accessible To All Users

ADA Website Compliance Consultants

Your Website Needs To Be Accessible To All Users

Think about how many resources you use daily that are found online. These uses may include education, employment, healthcare, banking, paying your bills, games, homework, email, social media platforms, shopping, news and sports. A truly accessible website helps people with disabilities have access to all this same information. From a business perspective, think about this: About 53 million people in the United States are living with a disability. So it just makes sense that your site is accessible to these potential clients.

Our web accessibility consultants have more than a decade of experience. We provide a unique approach by partnering with you to make sure we fully understand your goals and priorities. We work diligently to build your confidence in our team as we move forward to build your brand, offer expert strategy and make sure your vision comes to life. We will work closely with you throughout the design and accessibility process, whether you are building a new site or updating an existing site to today’s accessibility standards.

Web Accessibility Compliance for Education

Additionally, all educational institutions are required to comply with Section 508 standards. Section 508 is part of the Rehabilitation Act, a civil rights law that passed in 1973. This law guarantees that all federal government departments and federally funded agencies give fair treatment to people with disabilities. This includes websites and website elements , such as images, video, electric forms, keyboard functionality (for those people unable to use a mouse), text and movable content.

Making your website accessible requires a strong background in the standards and the technology to make it happen. To increase efficiency, consider allowing our accessibility consultants to act as your guide, rather than trying to learn all the nuances of accessibility yourself. These experts do this work all the time and are up to date on the latest trends. Additionally, most firms that offer accessibility have direct experience with people with disabilities. They know firsthand what makes a website functional and accessible and what people with disabilities actually need.

ADA Website Consultants

The Journey To Web Accessibility Compliance


As web accessibility consultants, we work together to make your site accessible. We are also looking to make your site compliant with web accessibility standards and help you to gain valuable insight into the overall process. We believe there is significant value in learning about the technical side of compliance, as you form new practices and policies for your website to remain as compliant as possible in the future.

Once your site has been built or upgraded, we’re not done. We remain available to you to address issues should they arise and we offer packages that allocate additional hours every month to review and consult with you.
Our job is to make an initial assessment and then provide the very best recommendations for moving ahead and staying compliant.
If your organization is a governmental institution, a college or university, or a public school, you should know that federal law (Section 508) requires that your website meets web accessibility standards. Our team of web accessibility consultants can help you upgrade your website to meet these standards.
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After The Audit – Next Steps

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Develop a Corrective Action Plan

Working with your team(s), ADA FOR WEBSITES’s accessibility consultants will create a roadmap consisting of a prioritized list of what can be handled to best address compliance issues. This will include work assignments for team members and timelines for your website to become compliant.

Remediation of Your Digital Environment

Based on your corrective action plan, our teams, in collaboration with any internal client resources, we will work together to resolve compliance issues and then review to ensure that issues are properly addressed in the best way.

Receive Your Letter of Conformance

Upon the completion of your web accessibility audit and verified resolution of issues, ADA FOR WEBSITES will deliver a Letter of Compliance demonstrating that issues were identified and remediated.

Ongoing Web Accessibility Assurance

Because technology is a living and breathing landscape, and standards, best practices and regulation continually evolves, it is a good idea to engage with a company like ADA FOR WEBSITES that will be able to provide ongoing web accessibility assurance. In doing this, you can anticipate new developments on your website and plan for accessibility and allow for periodic reviews of your environment. This is a very helpful insurance policy for your organization.

WCAG Website Compliance

What Are the Legal Trends in Accessibility?

As you design your site and determine your goals, or as you look to upgrade your current site, we highly recommend you make sure accessibility is a significant focus in your project. Many organizations, whether public accommodations or privately held businesses, are currently facing legal action due to noncompliance with web accessibility standards.

Legal cases are only increasing as time goes on:
Experts believe there will continue to be lawsuits until companies make the commitment to own and operate accessible sites. The good news is that you’re already ahead of the game by realizing you need to update your website and learn more about accessibility. The best course of action for any organization is to make changes head-on and ahead of any legal ramifications or lawsuits.

The First Step: Begin Your Web Accessibility Audit

ADA FOR WEBSITES can help you begin the process, by performing a complete website audit on your website and digital document downloads. If your company or institution is already involved in legal action, ADA FOR WEBSITES will help you expedite the process of auditing and remediation.

Web Accessibility Assessment – Our team of experts will do a complete overview of your site, which includes documenting all major issues we find on your website and offering recommendations on how to best proceed.
Web Accessibility Audit – We will complete a comprehensive analysis of your website(s), including all content, media and documents and detailed reporting on all web accessibility issues.
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