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The Digital Trends Websites are Following

Update your website to be Responsive (tablet/mobile)
Dec 2015

Making sure that the website looks good on all devices no matter the screen size. (Google starts to Rank Mobile version of website first September 2020)

Update your website to be secure with HTTPS/SSL
July 2018

They recognize outstanding achievements in improving the ability of a target organization to create and evolve software-dependent systems.

Update your websites Privacy with CCPA (CA)
Jan 2020

A legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information from individuals. Visitors have the "Right to be Forgotten".


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This guide will show you how to retrofit your existing website for accessibility, your vulnerability to predatory lawsuits, how to create an accessibility plan, and much more!

Examples of Website Accessibility

Advancing Digital Accessiblity

Examples of Website Accessibility

Advancing Digital Accessiblity

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ADA for Web

We are ADA  Web Accessibility Consulting & Services provider in Orange County, CA. We’ve created a software solution to make your digital properties more accessible. We evaluate for digital accessibility compliance, deliver accessibility statements, and provide remediation services – helping you eliminate barriers and project a disability-friendly image.

What you should do next?

Work on adding an Accessibility Statement to your website as soon as possible. Be proactive about improving your websites accessibility. If you need help drafting an Accessibility Statement, schedule a call with Alec.