New to Web Accessibility? Unsure How The Standards Apply To Your Website?

Achieving compliance with Web Accessibility Standards, such as WCAG and Section 508 is important. It can be overwhelming though. ADA FOR WEB is your guide through the process of understanding and applying the standards correctly.

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There Is A Lot To Know

Audit Your Website: ADA FOR WEB will identify the compliance gaps on your website and document the findings.
It Begins With a Consultation: ADA FOR WEB will discuss your questions and concerns and begin the process of guiding you to become compliant.
Finding the Problems: The next step is identifying issues that may be creating barriers for people with disabilities.
Creating the Plan: We’ll work with you to create a customized plan to address the issues that are found.
Resolving the Issues: Our hands-on and educational approach will help you address barriers and provide you knowledge that will help you remain compliant.
Do Not Delay: Web accessibility standards (WCAG and Section 508) must be in place to ensure that you are not blocking people from your website and content.
ADA FOR WEB understands that those who are new to the idea of web accessibility may find it to be overwhelming. Our goal is to help you become comfortable with the standards that apply to your business.
We look forward to working with you to deliver an informative and high-impact solution.